How Long Should Sex Last? Science Finally Reveals The Answer… OOPS

No matter how confident you are in your sex life, odds are, you’ve spent some time wondering how it stacks up to other people’s. While comparing yourself to other couples is probably a bad idea, sometimes it’s fun to see where you stand — especially when it comes to how long “average” sex is supposed to laugh.

Below, we’ve got some more information on the matter, and the numbers might surprise you. Find out if you’re below, above, or just about average — and don’t worry, the final figures aren’t as intimidating as you might think.

#Everyone wonders if the sex they’re having is “average” or not.

#It’s not as if knowing would actually improve your sex life — but it doesn’t hurt to know, does it?

#Well, in one study conducted by the University of Queensland in Australia has set out to find the average.

#In the study, the observed 500 sexually active couples from around the world.

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